Empathische Zeit 1/2020: In einem Boot ...

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Fresh reading material for those interested in NVC, fans and trainers!
We have 84 inspiring pages with the focus topic

"We are all in the same boat - live together on our planet" compiled for you.

Among other things, it is about living together in the family, dealing peacefully with people who think differently, communities as the core of survival, systemic consensus in the carnival and rstorative circles  at a vocational school.

You will find reports on

• an award-winning RAF documentary created with the participation of German NVC trainers,

Dealing with frozen feelings,

• exciting events that have found many fans in the past few weeks,

• Activities in the NVC network and

• Neurobiological stress factors in the assessment.

• Subscribers can look forward to the template for a NVC Scrabble game.

The authors of this issue

Iris Bawidamann, Marita Zimmer, Walter Buckow, Klaus-Dieter Neander, Uta Hohenberger, Bieke Meller and Dr. Uwe Krüger, Ingrid Holler,
Tonja Christ, Dr. Gitta Zimmermann, Dr. Gerhard Rothhaupt, Bieke Meller, Liliane Tischer, Heidrun Fiedler, Michael d’Aguiar,
Jürgen Licht, Anja Palitza and Olaf Hartke, Dr. Karoline Bitschnau-Dellamaria, Marita Strubelt, Kathleen MacFerran, Marina Stege,
Ulrike Stauch, Verena Ohn, Lorna Ritchie, Cornelia Timm, Judith Kohler, Volkmar Richter, Bernhard Bolz, Daniela Fuchs,
Al Weckert, Sarah Peyton, Michael Boettcher, Dr. Irmtraud Kauschat, Petra Porath and Cynthia Philebrunn.

Our special thanks go to Kirsten Glatzer for proofreading.

Don't miss the second part of our new series for trainers on the topic of “transfer effectiveness”.
How trainings are getting better. On March 26, 2020, our author Al Weckert is again offering a free webinar on this topic.

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