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Empathische Zeit 3/17 Making a living as an NVC trainer

NVC Magazine in german language
Main topic: How to make a living as an NVC trainer

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„Empathische Zeit“ Subscription

This is all about setting up a subscription for the Empathische Zeit magazine.

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Empathic times Issue 2017/2

This issue is about NVC and Mediation.

In german language

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Two years Empathic Times. We celebrate the 9th issue of our NVC magazine in german language.

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Empathische Zeit 3/16 GFK im Unternehmen

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EmpathischeZeit 1/16 NVC in families

Magazin in german language. Latest issue on NVC in families. 80 pages.

Authors of this issue:

Matthias Albers, Vivet Alevi,
Gabriel Birke, Iris Bawidamann, Ricarda Beilharz, Hanna Brodersen,
Anna Cordes,
Kerstin Engel,
Sabine Fichtner,
Frank, Gundi, Marie und Elia Gaschler, Nadja Giersdorf,
Ruth Hatlapa, Oliver Heuler, Günter Herold, Sylvie Hörning,
Verena Jegher,
Irmtraud Kauschat, Nicola Kriesel,
Ulrike Lemke, Melanie Lentes,
Markus Merz,
Christian Peters, Cynthia Philebrunn,
Dr. Ralph Piotrowski, Roswitha Pfleiderer,
Lorna Ritchie, Armin Rott,
Adelheid Sieglin, Carola Sieglin,
Christel Sohnemann,
Al Weckert, Andrea Wiedel,
Annett Zupke (auch Übersetzung)
Thank you to Markus Castro for Proofreading!



Here you'll find a Video with an overlook of our latest issue.

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Empathische Zeit No. 4/2015

NVC Magazine in german language. Issue on social change.

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Empathic times Issue 3 in 2015 Health

NVC and health - trainers from all over the world have contributed to this wonderful issue. In german language. See website for two english articles. To be delivered from the 27th August 2015.

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Empathic Times Issue 2 from 2015

This is the third issue of the german NVC magazine Empathic Times. It focusses on NVC in schools, but also on the passing of Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg. In german language only.

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Empathische Zeit Issue 1 from 2015


This is the second edition of the magazine, Empathische Zeit: Its 40 pages are crammed full of information with emphasis on getting certified and qualified. 

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Empathic Times

First magazine in German to do with NVC

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