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Friendly giraffes, pearls of needs, frozen wolves – the mini watercolours by the Swiss trainer, Sylvie Hörning (cert.), of and about nonviolent communication have got many fans. For years, now, the motifs have been playing a role in training in schools, kindergarten or in adult education. Together with the Empathikon team Sylvie Hörning has now developed new magical things from well-known regional seminar accessories, which are perfectly suited for training, practice group and self study purposes. Further products are being developed in this series.

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Giraffe journal

The writing block leads you through the steps of nonviolent communication according to Marshall Rosenberg - converting evaluations in observations and feelings via your own needs to finding a request.

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"Magic Field" Dance Mat

Deciding between feelings and needs, observations and evaluations can be excellently trained using this dance mat.

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