Day planner „Fault Culture“ in german language

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In the practical Din-A-5 format, this daily planner fits on any desk. If you travel a lot, you can also tear off one of the double-sided sheets for each day and put it in your bag with your tablet or laptop. Note down tasks, emails and appointments, check off whether you have drunk enough. Above all, the daily planner helps you to find a different way of dealing with "mistakes".
The daily planner contains six tools that can be used in everyday life to deal constructively with your own mistakes.
    1. my attitude in dealing with mistakes
    2. apologise "giraffically
    3. translate reproaches into needs
    4. producing solutions
    5. breathing exercise as an emergency programme
    6. dissolve feelings of guilt
In addition, the notepad enables you to plan your daily work.
    a.    Tasks
    b.    Appointments
    c.    Mails
    d.    Phone calls
    e.    Private
    f.    Breaks and exercise
    g.    Drinking amount

We supply a double pack of 2 blocks of 25 double pages with a total of 50 daily planners. 

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