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Since we believe that the topic of "children" is also important for many people who have not yet heard much about non-violent communication, we have decided to print a more copies than usual of this issue.

The price difference between the planned 1500 issues and 2000 issues was "only" 100 euros.

For this reason, despite having no money left in our savings, we have 2000 magazines printed and would like to make you a suggestion.

We want to give away 200 magazines to  institutions, schools, kindergartens, youth welfare offices or all those who benefit from this edition of Empathic Time.

However, we still can not afford the postage to send these magazines. For this we need your support.

We invite you to donate the postage and send it for 2 euros this magazine to a facility of your choice.

Via this link we willl send out only issues to institutions, official agencies, etc.  For technical reasons, only ONE copy can be ordered for shipping per order. So if you want to gift three kindergartens with a magazine, you will have to place three orders. You can enter a personal message to the recipient in the comments field during the order process, for example:

Dear colleagues,
I just noticed this booklet and I thought
it might also inspire you.
That's why I ordered it as a gift for you.

With kind regards,


The recipient receives this message via the delivery note, which is sent to him with the magazine.

You will receive an invoice for this order via e-mail, which you can deduct from the tax.

We would be delighted if you could help to make non-violent communication even more popular in this way.

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