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Jackals ears - one of the standard nonviolent communication tools - in the original version look!

This is no Asiatic import but hand crafted in northern Germany: These jackal's "eavesdroppers" are reproductions of the classic ones to be seen in the many videos of Marshall Rosenberg. Indeed, we have been able to obtain "jackal-skin" material. With the help of the jackal's ears judgmental speech is made clearer, directed at ourselves (jackal's ears face inwards/skin is visible) or at others (jackal's ears face outwards (earlaps visible). The expression "jackal speech" does not indicate that there is anything "wrong", rather it is simply to sharpen the awareness of the sort of message we are sending. 

Please note: If you purchase jackal's and giraffe's ears at the same time they will cost only 42€ instead of 48€.

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