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You get the peace stick in the premium version
· Sticker (5 pieces) on wooden template,
· UV resistant and dishwasher safe
· Cotton bag for the woolen cords
· Video instructions 60 min in german language.
· E-Manual in german language
· Live webinars
The Peace Stick is for children aged 2-10 years and is used in families, kindergartens, elementary schools and therapeutic settings
What is the peace-stick exactly?
The Friedensstock is a tool to integrate non-violent communication with young children into everyday life.
He takes children the fear of conflict resolution
It supports educators and parents to resolve conflicts in accordance with non-violent communication
Children begin to love conflict clearance
Parents are surprised how easy conflict clarification is
The challenge:
Living nonviolent communication in everyday life is especially difficult with younger children.
In order to make life easier, the Peace Stick offers the 4 steps of the CSF (Perception, Feeling, Need, Request) to touch.
In addition, there is still the 5th step: Celebrate! After the conflict partners are willing to listen and communicate, a solution is usually found that takes into account the needs of all. Then, sincerely celebrating and knotting a string to the stick as a token of appreciation.
The special about the peace stick
• Children like to show theirs on the peace stick
Feelings and needs
• The 5 steps are visually appealing and
self-explanatory, so that even children with low
gem vocabulary their feelings and needs
can communicate.
• Children like to listen.
• Conflict resolution is fun
• Children learn to clarify their conflicts themselves
and to moderate
• By clarification with the peace stick
finds an interruption of the stimulus-response
pattern instead.
• Adults can also work with little knowledge
sen GFK live because they are the guideline in the
Hold hands.
Feedback from participants:
"Dear Tassilo, with the Peace Stick, we have brought a Conflict Resolution tool into the group, which is enthusiastically used by the children. From the beginning they were fascinated by the colorful, precise pictures and have eagerly searched for a suitable stick for it. Some even ask for the stick when they come into conflict, some are more reserved, but realize that they are being listened to differently with the peace stick and that they have more room to express themselves. A change in dealing with conflicts is clearly noticeable. One child even spoke of wanting to be a peace hero. "Hanna, Augsburg, kindergarten teacher, 2 children (picture right)
"Hello Tassilo, we were at the GFK talk last week, and then we got curious and bought the peace stick, which is really a brilliant idea, because you quickly forget what you heard (about GFK) and now have a descriptive guide. I am very happy to have this great tool now !!! It has helped us a lot and after only one week I feel much more connected to Nuno (5 years), because we often have conflicts with each other. I am so enthusiastic that I would like to bring our kindergarten into contact with it !!! Thank you! " Juliane with David, Nuno and Pia, Munich
"Hello Tassilo, so far, my son is very excited about the peace and, above all, the celebration at the end. So much so that we are currently synonymous "conflicts" such as: "I pushed myself and therefore angry" clarify the peace stock (you can see it in the many tapes ...) He also likes to pass it in between and shows me how he feels straight. So, initial enthusiasm is there and I hope it will continue. "Lorna, 1 son, Frankfurt


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