Giraffe journal

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The writing block leads you through the steps of nonviolent communication according to Marshall Rosenberg - converting evaluations in observations and feelings via your own needs to finding a request.

This writing block with its 50 bonded sheets of white uncoated paper (80gm/m2) serfes as a support for people who want to use the process of nonviolent communication according to Marshall Rosenberg in their day to day life. Even beginners can work through the individual steps, which convert evaluations and accusations in observations and feelings to find  a request via one's own needs that is no longer a demand. 

Training goal: Empathy

The distinctive drawings of the Swiss NVC trainer Sylvie Hörning (cert.) invite you to explore evaluative thoughts closer and to find a nonviolent way of dealing with difficult issues. One's own behavior or the actions of others can be viewed in a completely new light. The result is a deeper understanding of one's own actions or the good intentions of the other.

Practical: Giraffe diary

Whosoever is contemplating striving for a certification as an NVC trainer has in this giraffe journal a sensible tool at hand for keeping the obligatory diary. Simply fill in the sheets according to the situation, enter the date and file away the individual sheets: the practical punch holes together with file binders makes the filing easy. 

For Trainers

Individual sheets of the Giraffe Journals can also be employed in seminar and group exercise: If a participant is working on his  subject in front of the group, the audience can record on the sheets either empathy for its colleague (what is suspected that the participant is feeling, and what are his needs) or the practice  connection to yourself? How do I feel when I hear that? The contributions are then classified in plenary later.  


Every giraffe journal is a accompanied by a  "compact needs card" with lists of feelings, needs and interpretations, which makes it easier for the user to get into the process of Nonviolent Communication.