"Magic Field" Mouse Pad

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The Magic Field is now available not only as Dance Mat to train in NVC processes or for "playing with" in practive groups, but also as mouse pad, a practical size for office and living room. Be enthralled with the jocund drawings of the Swiss nvc-trainer, Silvie Hörning. The mouse pad is delivered complete with a wooden figure (5cm tall) and instructions for use. Move the figure around the field through the four steps to the thoughts (interpretations, judgements and evaluations) or connect with your jackal: What do you feel like? Flight, fight or freeze; become invisible...? Two giraffe domains invite to empathy or self empathy. This is also an original present for NVC-fans.

Practical alongside the keyboard, unobtrusive in the office, can be used anywhere whether on the kitchen table or in the kids' room: classic mouse pad with dual function:


  • non-slip - 3mm thick, non-slip underlay of foam rubber
  • hard-wearing - good for mechanical and optical mice
  • long life - thank the high-quality upper layer you will have fun for a long time with this mouse pad
  • excellent print quality - brilliant colours via digital printing

And at the same time:

  • fun playing on the Magic Field
  • Quick check: How am I/are you feeling at the moment? What do I need? And what do you need?
  • Useful reminder in difficult situations
  • optical support when giving empathy