Set handpuppets and ears Giraffe and Wolfe

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Ears and hand puppets in the original look! Just arrived from Australia is this set consisting of wolf and giraffe ears as well as wolf and giraffe as a hand puppet. For more information please click on the red heading.

Legendary are Marshall Rosenberg's appearances with the wolf and giraffe ears, which were developed for him by the American coach Holly Humphrey. Neither dolls nor original ears were available in recent years. Now an Australian colleague has taken the initiative and has them both made in China. We have received a delivery animals and ears. When ordering, you will receive wolf and giraffe ears (headbands) as well as the hand puppets wolf and giraffe, which are the copies of the originals. In the set you save ten euros at the unit price.

Please note: Both hand puppets and both ears are available as a set. We can now also offer the headbands seperately.