Who fears the Black Wolf?

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A card game (english version on demand) to practise nonviolent „giraffe language“. For more information click on the red headline.

An important goal of non-violent communication is to reach an eye-level connection. A judgmental language, the so-called wolf language sometimes stands in our way. The "giraffe language" of feelings and needs developed by Marshall Rosenberg facilitates the way to a heart connection. This card game trains the distinction between wolf and giraffe language.

Dr. Michael Pflaum invites you to practice this communication process with the children's card game "Schwarzer Peter/Old Maid*". The phrase "blame someone" means passing on inconvenience, an unpleasant problem, guilt or responsibility to that other person. In our card game it is the Black Wolf/Jackal who always knows exactly what is wrong with the other person or what one or the other has done wrong.

His teammates now give him feedback: The inner wolf, who always does everything wrong, the inner giraffe, who feels how she feels in a wolf attack, the empathetic giraffe, who emphazises with the wolf, and the demanding wolf and the requesting giraffe.

The set
• 7 cards "Who's Afraid of the Black Wolf?"
• 6 Compact Cards "Nonviolence Communication" with feelings and needs
• 1 Information sheets with detailed explanations
• a storage bag