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New Nonviolent Communication Intensive Training IIT DVD Box

A complete international intensive training on tape. Two years after Marshall Rosenbergs death this extraordinary DVD-set is now available.

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NVC-Summerfestival 2019 – Set with 7 DVDs

Set with 7 DVDs. Recording from the European Summer Festival 2019 in Germany. 5 Workshops in english language, 1 in german and english, 1 in german.

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Delivery weight: 200 g

Liv Larsson: Breaking the communication code

Liv Larsson held a spreech at the first NVC trainer congress in Germany on cracking the communication code  and key destinctions.

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Liv Larsson Speech: Breaking the communication code

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DVD from NVC Congress: Discussion about the future of the NVC movement

In German langauge only: Discussion with Torsten Hardiess (moderation), Isolde Teschner, Katharina Sander, Irmtraud Kauschat, Gabriele Lindemann, Marianne Sikor, Wiltraud Terlinden in autumn 2014

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