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Mies van Hout was nominated for the German Youth Literature prize for non-fiction for her magical, in glowing pastel oil colours, children’s book “Heute bin ich” (“Today I am”). The wonderful drawings are now available as an art-card set. The high quality box has 20 cards (and envelopes) with gaudy fishes, which illustrate diverse feelings: a great introduction for group work or reflection.

Note: On the back of each card is a feeling printed in German. You don't need to understand the word, just connect to the picture.

Sad, in love, brave, satisfied, irate, envious.... unbelievable exactly how the colorful fish reflect these emotions. The cards are just as appealing as a gift, but can be used also as a seminar starter or refresher. As they are individually laminated you can lay them on the floor and let the participants choose a card that corresponds closest to their current mood. In this way hidden treasures can be revealed, since the "players" often come in contact with their real needs very quickly. Further game suggestions: By separating the folding cards you can create a simple memory game with picture and word association on the subject of "feelings". A little hint: If you trim the cards a little you can fit two of them in a DIN A-4 laminating pouch.

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