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The nonviolent communication netwerk Darmstadt-Suedhessen e. V. has been supporting the proliferation of nonviolent communication in Africa for years. The giraffe key rings are made by members of a group called "U-turn" in a slum in Nairobi.  Members are young people who support each other in a legal way to provide themselves with a living.

Meanwhile there is one member, Steven, who looks after the department "Jewellery/Pearls". He designed the giraffe keyring according to our template and produces them jointly with other members. the revenue is shared throughout the group.

Today there is a football project, by which before the game starts a short item of nonviolent communication is integrated, a mushroom production (supported by non-profit-making organisations) a sanitary project with toilets and showers that will hopefully soon be going into operation (there are only a few toilets and no showers).

All the proceeds from these sales are donated via this account to: 

"Give me a future"



IBAN: DE67508501500042004111
Paper form: DE67 5085 0150 0042 0041 11 
BIC: HELADEF1DAS (Darmstadt)
Bank: Stadt- und Kreis-Sparkasse Darmstadt

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