NVC in Africa

NVC meets Africa! 


In the summer of 2013 for the first time in the history of nonviolent communication an International Intensive Training in nonviolent communication took place in an African country. For years trainer colleagues from Darmstadt haven been accompanying NVC projects, for example, in Kenya. Here you will find products that have been manufactured in African communities and proceeds of the sale through this shop will help promote local NVC projects. All the proceeds go directly to such initiatives via the Network of Nonviolent Communication Darmstedt-Nordhessen Association.

The pearl stitchers of Nairobi


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NVC in Africa: Giraffe key ring

The giraffe key rings are made by members of a group called "U-turn" in a slum in Nairobi.  Members are young people who support each other in a legal way to provide themselves with a living. Meanwhile there is one member, Steven, who looks after the department "Jewellery/Pearls". He designed the giraffe keyring according to our template (in different colours!) and produces them jointly with other members. the revenue is shared throughout the group.

Color variants (first color dominant): yellow with green, green with yellow, black with yellow, black with white, white with yellow, yellow with dark blue - Please specify, otherwise we will gladly choose for you.

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